The NextETRUCK project has launched a survey to gather relevant information on the current status, barriers and challenges faced in urban freight. Local and regional government representatives and public or private NGOs are invited to participate in the study. Share your knowledge before Friday, 24 March. 

NextETRUCK is looking for experts from the public sector and non-governmental organisations to collaborate in enhancing our understanding of zero-emission vehicles, charging, commercial (urban) freight and the potential challenges concerning the charging infrastructure. Further input into state-of-the-art vehicle components, such as e-powertrain components and architectures and improved thermal design of the cabin, will provide the project with a comprehensive approach. The third segment of the survey explores innovative solutions for fleet management systems with IoT and other digital solutions.

Participating in the NextETRUCK survey is an excellent opportunity to get involved in our project and contribute to shaping a cleaner and more efficient future for urban freight. Your feedback will be essential in bolstering Europe’s charging infrastructure and promoting sustainable practices in logistics.

Don’t forget to fill in the survey before Friday, 24 March.

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