Urban and sub-urban logistics pose a great challenge for cities. The COVID-19 pandemic exponentially boosted online shopping, accelerating the industry’s growth faster than anticipated. As delivery trucks, vans and other transport modes are taking over the streets, innovative measures are required to mitigate the negative environmental impact. The NextETRUCK project joins the green transition by fostering a new generation of zero emissions, electric medium-duty trucks.

According to a PwC report on the prospects for electric trucks, within a decade, they will have taken over, accounting for more than half of the total number, and outnumbering conventional diesel trucks. Our solid consortium is deploying a disruptive electric powertrain powered by ultra-fast-charging systems combined with innovative digital tools to accelerate and ensure the optimal implementation of new components, vehicles and infrastructure. Ultimately, this flagship project has the challenge of conducting a transformative shift in the sector that will have a lasting impact.

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